Thursday, November 1, 2012

Making Lists

For all of those working gals (and guys!) who take their lunch every day, do you prepare the night before?  Or grab whatever you can in the fridge on your way out the door?  Perhaps have the luxury of running home for a quick bite?


My method has always been grab whatever on my way out the door, which usually results not grabbing enough and feeling hungry by 1 o'clock. I end up running down the street to buy a quick "snack" aka lunch that was actually thought out and healthy, that I could have prepared myself if i was a little more prepared.

Not good. 

So this week I tried something new!

I actually went grocery shopping on Sunday. Yeah!  The menu idea wasn't in my head then, but I happened to grab enough items to piece together breakfast, lunch, and a snack for the week.  This is what I came up with:

Not mentioned: a bag of chocolate candy in my desk, mixed nuts, and granola bars whenever I needed a little extra.

This is what I ate from 8am-3:30pm, and then grabbed another snack the moment I got home.  It's a pretty good start.  I had some awesome lunches this week, I didn't have to spend any extra $$, and I really enjoyed making that list above!


  1. YAY! I'm glad your eating breakfast :) It's so important. Food lists are my favorite... Obviously.

  2. Good work!

    We are freaks about planning in our house, that's what you do without incomes! Also, Marshall eats the EXACT SAME THING for lunch EVERYDAY. It's so easy, I make it the night before. I should blog it because it's awesome that he never gets tired of it! I on the other hand, would be sick of it!

  3. Sam - i used to think coffee was breakfast, but i'm changing my ways :)

    Heidi - doesn't he eat something kind of unique too? like hummus and something? ryan is all about the sandwiches, thankfully. done and done!