Monday, November 12, 2012

Welcome to the neighborhood.

So we are here now in Miami. And being the curious resident that I am, I wanted to know what I was up against. When we find places to live, we try and find safe areas, but having never been to the place it's hard to tell, so we wing it. And hope we make it. 

I decided to use Family Watchdog to see how the hood looked.

I have memorized the crime offenders profiles and will be staying clear of anyone that looks like them.


  1. lol so reminds me of Knocked Up. "Well, we'll skip their houses when we go trick-or-treating. What do you want me to do? Form a posse?"


  2. hahaha this is crazy!
    your blog is darling and we are now following! xoxo ps come enter our giveaway here!