Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Finally... we are free!

I have mentioned before about living with a roommate. Well I'm going to mention it again.

For those of you who missed it or is new to my life here's how it has been for my husband and I... I'm taking you to the beginning so you can really get a feel.

May 2011- Got married, I moved to Philadelphia to be with my husband (who is also from Oklahoma, but going to eye doctor school there).
February 2012- Moved to Phoenix for husband's first rotation. Lived with my glorious Aunt and it was awesome!
May 2012- Moved to Denver  for 2nd rotation. Lived with a male classmate and while at times wanted to punch myself, it was actually a lot of fun.
August 2012- Moved back to Philadelphia (suburbs this time) for 3rd rotation. Living with a male classmate. ALWAYS want to punch myself. Realizing that our time with our Denver roommate was so great and I would trade him for Philly roommate. 
November 2012- Moving to Miami tomorrow for fourth rotation. NO ROOMMATE!!!!! NO ROOMMATE!!!!!

DID YOU READ THAT??? NO ROOMMATE!!!!! We have been married for 18 months and 9 of those months we have had a ROOMMATE!!!!! THAT'S 1/2 OF OUR MARRIAGE. 50%!!! I'm sorry for the all caps typing. I'M SO EXCITED I CAN'T HELP IT!!!

We will be in Miami until May, then he graduates and we have no idea where to next (everyone pray Oklahoma!). So I guess we technically aren't out of the woods for a roommate free house (do babies count? Don't worry, I'm not planning on that either) but we have 6 months of freedom! No more cleaning up after someone else that isn't my husband, no more trying to get to the remote first, no more throwing away expired food from the refrigerator because our roommate is too dumb to do it on their own, no more wearing a bra!! 

I'm freeeeeee!
Bring on the nakedness!!!