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About the Blog: 

We’re here to blog any of it and all of it.  All of the stuff in our hearts and minds. We laugh & cry, live & love, travel & eat, try & succeed (but sometimes fail), pray & listen, and laugh some more.
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About the Girls:

Wife to a dude with good hair. TV obsessed. Lover of Oklahoma. Thinks cookies are their own food group. Finds vacuuming soothing. Gypsy traveler. BFF with Jesus. 
Instagram & Twitter: @heidireeves
Blog: heidiofthefuture.blogspot.com
E-mail: heidi.k.reeves{at}gmail{dot}com 

Can be found snapping photos, going to concerts with my guy, drinking coffee, and hammocking (not really a word) in Colorful Colorado.  
Instagram & Twitter:  @my_simple_story
Blog:  A Grimm Tale
E-mail:  kendra.e.grimm{at}gmail{dot}com

Jesus is my homeboy. My dog is the man in the my life. I can't spell and tend to ramble. I love to love. I'm also Tim Tebow's future wife.
Instagram & Twitter: @sam_lorton 
Blog: Love Never Fails & My Tumblr
E-mail: sam.j.lorton{at}gmail{dot}com

Oklahoman turned New Yorker (for now).  Married 3 years to a man who had braces the first time she met him.  Watches the crap out of teen TV, and really isn’t sorry about it.
Twitter:  @ValerieSews
Blog:  Threads Thoughts Things
E-mail:  valerie.k.bryant{at}gmail{dot}com

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