Monday, July 2, 2012

First Post: The Breakdown!

So, writing your first post is really hard.
Seriously, it’s a lot of pressure to get it into one little page.
You don’t want to be too intense and yet you don't want to be too lame either.
After about 6731556 attempts at writing something clever, interesting, and satisfying this is what we have come up with.
Q&A Style! 

What exactly is All of the Stuff?
Stuff - noun:  
“Matter, material, articles, or activities of a specified or indeterminate kind that are being referred to, indicated, or implied.” 
In regards to our blog, Stuff is referring to:  relationships, experiences, travels, spiritual life, entertainment, victories, failures, attempts at cooking, and all the other stuff

Sometimes it will be intense paragraphs, sometimes it will just a simple quote or single picture. Regardless, it’s ours. It’s us. Enjoy! 

Who are the faces behind the blog? 
Allow us to introduce ourselves; we are Valerie, Sam, Kendra, and Heidi.  Together, we are four pieces to the “All of the Stuff” puzzle.  We are all 20-something, Oklahoma-bred bloggers (though none of us live there anymore), just trying to do our best at this thing called life... and document things while we’re at it. Welcome to our world :)

Is this blog a guide for women in the blogging world?
Ummm, heck no.  Of course we would love to help others or “inspire” if you will, but honestly we are just trying to do the best we can, with what we got, with where we are at. We're guessing there are a lot of women out there who are trying to do just the same.

All four of us lead different lives, and have very different personalities. However, we are very much alike as well, and enjoy a lot of the same things. We are hoping to combine all these attributes together and are going to attempt not to sound like total idiots while we are at (how are we doing?). If we happen to help someone along the way, that’s just an awesome bonus! 

So are all of you married?
We've got three married gals and one single lady, so you'll get a bit of both the married life and the single life. Hoping to hit all spectrums here. 

Will you guys be talking about sex?
We sure hope so.

Are you hoping to be successful with your blog?
It depends how you define success; lots of followers? Sure, that would great! However, if All of the Stuff is a positive outlet for each of us and helps make us into better people and strengthens our creative side, then that’s successful enough for us!

How do you girls know each other?
It’s kind of a funny story. Here’s the outline version:
  • Kendra and Valerie met through dorm life at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma.  The first time they met, they were introduced as Kiwi Kendra and Vanilla Valerie.
  • Valerie and Heidi were sorority sisters, also at OSU. They also took dance class at the same studio as children.  Random.
  • Heidi and Kendra met through Valerie and occasionally hung out in college together, mostly while watching reality TV.
  • Kendra met Sam shortly after college through Sam's previous boyfriend and have remained friends throughout the years.
  • Sam met Valerie through Kendra, but they have only actually been together in person three times; 2 of those times were on New Years' Eve.
  • Heidi and Sam have never actually met in person. Blogging friends at its finest people. 
  • Heidi and Kendra now live in the same state and climb mountains together. For a few months anyway.
  • Valerie has made really important dresses for Sam {21st bday dress}, Kendra {wedding dress}, Heidi {bridesmaid dresses}.
There are a lot of co-author blogs about women already out there. How will this one be different?
We know, man, there are so many awesome motivational, humorous, feel good blogs out there. We read them! To be honest, we have no idea what’s in store or how our blog will compare, but truthfully we don’t want to compare! We aren’t those other blogs and those blogs aren’t us :)

Thank you for joining us on this journey! We can't wait to share this adventure called life with you all! 


  1. First comment!! Yeah!

    PS... you guys are hot.

  2. The connection graphic is hilarious.

  3. Hey girls!
    Found your blog after reading the sweet comment Sam left on my blog. I've definitely slacked on writing this summer but I'm getting back to it (I just... can't NOT write, I guess) and I'm looking forward to following you guys as well. I love how this has already turned out and I think y'all are gonna do great with it. :-)


    P.S. I think you're really awesome too, Sam! :-D