Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Guilty Pleasure

We all have them, right?  Almost all of my guilty pleasures revolve around TV shows.  I love TV.  Like, love love love it.

When I was growing up we didn't have cable.  So I had to make do with the network shows.  Thank goodness the 90s was filled with fabulous entertainment (Boy Meets World, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Full House, Step by Step...!).  Though the later years were great too, i.e. welcome reality TV.  My first taste of reality was not Real World like most of my peers, it was Big Brother.  My dad and I watched the show every week in the summertime. 

Throughout college, I would still call him to discuss the happenings of the most recent episode.  You guys, it gets wild, I'm telling you.  Lucky for me the show is still going strong!

(photos from cbs)

This season of Big Brother premiers tonight! It's so bad it's good, trust me. 


  1. "So bad it's good" = my favorite kind of televsion.

  2. I'm so glad I have someone else who watches Big Brother too!!! Surprisingly, my family got ME hooked, not the other way around! We will have to discuss strategy!

    1. We need to talk soon, what's with this coaches thing? I'm ready for the next "twist" please.

  3. I've never seen Big Brother, but thanks for the throwback to the good ol' days. Makes me want to watch Sister Sister right now.