Monday, July 9, 2012

Sorry We're Not Sorry We Watch the Bachelorette

Today, Heidi and Valerie weigh in on the same topic:  watching The Bachelorette.  The issue isn't with the show itself, it's with everyone who wants to judge you on whether you watch it or you don't.  We've seen negativity come from all sides of this one, and we're tired of it!

If I hear or read one more person postulate on and on about their opinions of all the current antics on this season of The Bachelorette, only to then end it with "I can't believe I watch this show!" or "This show is so stupid, I don't know why I watch it" or even "I mean, I don't even care what happens"...I just might throw Chris Harrison's plate of roses on the ground and stomp on it.

Guess what, everyone?  You watch this show because you like it.  You do care what happens.  You find enjoyment and entertainment from watching week after week.


We all watch it for the very same reasons!

We love cheesy romance!

We love predicting who will stay and who will go week by week!

We love cringing when someone moves in for a kiss that is obviously not wanted!

We love drooling over all the gowns and sparkly shorts!

We LOVE Chris Harrison and his unpredictable tie/shirt combos!

We love believing in love (despite the obvious track record of couples from this show)!

Let's stop being embarrassed of things we like, and let's just like them, instead.  Guilty pleasures are meant to be shared, and there is absolutely no reason why we should hide that we enjoy them.  Turns out, sometimes we're just stereotypical women.  WHO CARES.  If you like it, own the fact you like it.  I promise, you are nowhere near alone.

I'll be watching tonight.  I'd love to talk about it with you later.

On the flip side of this same topic, what if you aren't ashamed of the fact that you watch it, but other people make it feel like you should be?  Heidi's experienced this one.

I have never ever been embarrassed or ashamed of what trashy TV I watch. As an avid TV go-er I have learned to handle the criticism of my [brilliant] choices. Some of my favorites include almost everything on the ABC Family Channel, E!, Bravo, and let's be honest, NBC, ABC, The CW, Fox, and shoot why not Lifetime, HGTV, Discovery Channel, TLC, and The History Channel. Okay, so I love TV. I am NOT ashamed of it. But I feel like right now it isn't "cool" to watch TV. Especially in Colorado, their are too many mountains to hike or trails to run, why would I spend so much time watching TV?

Because I love it dang it. 

My husband sometimes gives me a hard time (jokingly... I think) about watching too much TV. Yes, I probably do, but I don't care. It's not like I sit ALL day and watch TV. I'm active, I go to the gym, pool, and library, I read books, I leave the house, I have friends. Well the other day we were hanging out with some friends at our hosue. It was the first time meeting the girlfriend of one of the guys. I knew I had to be more careful about how much Kardashian references I made. It's not because I'm ashamed... it's because I don't want to always be "that girl" that's constantly talking about reality TV and celebrity gossip. With my group of girlfriends it's acceptable, it's encouraged, but outsiders I need to keep it to a minimum until I can assess the situation.

So with these friends we had already talked about hiking mountains, riding bikes, nutrition (why?), politics and who knows what else.... I interjected with some reality TV gossip. I was missing our Monday night girls watchparty of The Bachelorette to hang out with these people, they could show some respect. They didn't care. So I tried another celebrity rumor, I got eye rolls instead of "OMG! He did not say that to her!?" I mentioned something Kathy Lee and Hoda said on the Today Show (judge all you want, I don't have a job, so daytime television is my thing) and it was as if I just killed a puppy. They were disgusted with what I do in my spare time. The conversation went something like this....

Friend's Girlfriend: "If I didn't have a job I would go outside and hike mountains by myself every day instead of watching TV."
Me: "Well I don't want to hike a mountain by myself, I'll get lost."

Friends's Girlfriend" "I can't believe people would watch something so stupid as those 2 drunk ladies on the Today Show."
Me: "Well I watch it and don't care what you think." - okay I didn't say "I don't care what you think." I was thinking it though.

It was the FIRST time I have ever felt like maybe I shouldn't be sharing how much I love the entertainment industry. They were giving me a hard time, making fun of me (and maybe it was in a playful make fun of way, but that's not how it felt). I don't give them a hard time for eating only organic food, not showering, saying the F word, and wanting to sleep in a tent rather than a bed. I'm not making fun of their hobbies and what makes them happy. 

Why are they making fun of what I do? And why did it bother me so much? 

As a contestant on a cooking reality show, Master Chef, said "haters are my motivators".

It's a good thing I didn't mention my love of The Kardashian family or Bachelornation...

Lessons learned?  If you like something, don't be sorry about it; embrace it!  If you don't like something, but you're around someone else who does, give them a break!  We're all allowed to have different opinions and interests, and there's really no need for judging.

See, look how much we've learned from Bachelor-watching already!


  1. Totally agree! Great post. I hate when people get so judge-y about other peoples lives. Live and let live, people!

    xoxo, Emily

    1. Live and let live, watch and let watch! :)

    2. Trashy TV rocks! It's the little things in life...

  2. there was this super judgey guy in college who would ALWAYS drop in when me & my roomies were the bachelorette. OK- you come in to OUR house and judge? well judge he did. So I finally stood up and gave this big speech which had one major point:
    1. I am a darn-hard working lady who works her BRAIN all day long (now at work) and I am not LAZY at all and I deserve some down time, some dessert for my tired brain, which has had to deal with problems and people all day long. I need to some fluff. I cannot exist on vegetables (the news + PBS) alone. Give me some good, delicious stuff (like the bachelorette.)

    and when he kinda scoffed at that, I tried to convince him that it was also a great study in human behaviors and the nuanaces between men and women in romantic relationships.

    I think he actually believed that second part.

    1. I love this speech, Erika! The veggies vs. dessert is both hilarious + true, which makes it super convincing to me.

  3. while watching the show with a group of girlfriends last night, i said "i love this show!". standing proud. great post, ladies!

  4. Confession, I'm addicted to the Teen Moms, and now Snooki & JWoww. which makes absolutely no sense because I hated Jersey Shore...until this season...and I love me some Real World...and I'M OBSESSED WITH DUCK DYNASTY. I'm not ashamed of that one at all, you gotta watch reruns if you can!!

  5. I LOVE the Bachelorette, particularly this season, and cannot wait for the finale tomorrow! But I feel it's only appropriate to share that I am currently watching the Britney Spears tour on netflix. Was feeling a bit embarrassed to be watching it and then read this post, ha! But in case you are thinking of watching it now... you probably shouldn't if you loved Britney in her glory days. Yikes! It's like she's completely half-a$$ing it. Makes me sad actually. She just can't move like she used to! Sorry for the tangent... felt appropriate. lol

  6. I would love to spend a day watching TV with both of you.