Thursday, July 26, 2012

White Collar: More Than Just White Noise

Friends, family, children of all ages... I have found a new love and that is, White Collar.

I have to say I'm completely shocked at this new found Netflix obsession. You see, I have to have some sort of small noise when I study; radio, tv, etc. Because if not, my mind just drifts and wanders and before you know it, 30 minutes has gone by and I don't know where I'm even at or what I'm doing. The noise helps soothe and calm my nerves and eases me into my reading and homework assessing.

That is precisely what I thought White Collar would be when I first started it on Netflix a few weeks ago. Noise. Boy, was I wrong! This has become one of my favorites! I'm not sure if it's because Matt Bomer could possibly be the most beautiful human being I've ever seen? 

Or, the show itself is actually good (maybe both?!) but I cannot get enough! I'm a few episodes in and White Collar has moved from "noise" status to front and center-first-choice tv show to watch-status. 

It's not the most intense or sweaty palms kind of show like Downton Abbey or Friday Night Lights, but man it still just grabs ya and won't let go! It's cheesy, predictable, and completely unrealistic. So obviously I love it!

I feel like it's a perfect summer show! I highly suggest you give it a go and swoon over Matt's piercing, hypnotizing, mesmerizing, baby blues. Don't get too excited though, world! Matt's been happily taken with kiddies for a good while now. Still, it's always nice to appreciate a good painting, even if you can't take it home with you. ;)

Did I mention Kelly Kapowski is in it as well?! All grown up and glam as ever! It's great.

Have I mentioned I love this show?


  1. Oh man. He is beautiful. And I've watched a few episodes, but never a whole season. But I might have to start!