Friday, July 20, 2012

Music Stuff: Break Up Songs

We've all been there:  when a relationship ends, no matter who dumped who, the greatest remedy is pouring out your heart (and tears) to the strains of an break up song.  None of us are going through break ups right now (thank goodness!), but that doesn't mean we can't jam out all the same.  Enjoy!  And if you shed a few tears, we won't tell.

"End of the Road" by Boyz II Men
The number of times I have listened to this song while simultaneously driving, screaming all the lyrics, and crying is probably uncountable.  There's nothing like a good slow jam with a sexy-low-talking part in the middle and lyrics like "I can't let go/It's unnatural/You belong to me/I belong to you" to really get those emotions flowing.  Also:  hand claps.

"Why" by Avril Lavigne
There isn't an official video so enjoy the fan-made lyric video.
This song never made it to radio so it's a miracle anyone found it. This became my girlfriends and I's break up song in high school, circa 2001. We would drive around and listen on repeat. At about 2 minutes and 50 seconds is when we would turn it up even louder and really let the emotions flow... However, I  dated the same guy for 3 years in high school so I actually just jumped on the bandwagon and pretended I was broken hearted... until later...

"Where I stood" by Missy Higgins
Each of my breakups had a song associated; I remember all the songs so clearly too, especially ones during the crying-hysterically-on-the-floor-because-my-life-is-over-forever breakups (college years were rough in the boy department!).  But one was different -- after a year and a half it just "wasn't working" anymore.  And this song speaks it perfectly; I had lost myself entirely, lost what I believed in and the dreams I wanted to achieve, and knew I had to end it .  Ah, Missy sings this one so well, isn't she great? 

"Starts with Goodbye" by Carrie Underwood
Oh man... When the girls and I started talking about this post, SO.MANY.SONGS. came to my mind. Truly, it's a bit ridiculous how many times I've said in my lifetime, "this song totally reminds me of ...." or "this song is EXACTLY how I feel!" My poor friends, they had to have hated me and all my heart ripped apart songs. So many were big in my life though, I didn't know how I would chose just one. However, I have to say that out of all the other songs, this one has got me through not one, but TWO gut-wrenching relationships. Every single word, even to this very day, represents how I was feeling at the time or phase in time that the drama was unfolding. I STILL think it applies to my life today,  
"It's sad, but sometimes moving on with the rest of your life, starts with goodbye." 
Dang Carrie, it's just too good.


  1. You are a brave girl and I hope soon you will enclose the happiest chapter of your life. Hold on tight :) XXXX

  2. I've only dated my husband (nerd alert!), but I remember grieving with friends who were going through breakups to the tune of Dashboard Confessional. Anyone else?

    My goal is to be this blog's official commenter. How'm I doing? I figure I qualify for this position because I'm from Oklahoma.

    1. Kara - you're pretty much rocking the comments in a big way. And I definitely listened to some Dashboard back in the day. Their tunes were too perfect for relationship woes, you had to just rock out.

  3. I hadn't heard Heidi's or Kendra's songs before now, but I can definitely see how they are good breakup songs. And I am like Kendra on this one, I feel like each of my breakups had different songs associated with them.

    For some reason though, Cheryl Crow's "Favorite Mistake" seems to be one I always go to for a little bit. I think it's because I think that if something (a relationship) doesn't work out, I automatically go through the whole thing and try to sort out where it started going downhill, started to be "a mistake." That and I love her voice.