Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Single Girl Swag: The Dog Days aren't Over

If you're curious what this series is, check back here and see the intro :)

For those that know me, it's no secret that I'm pretty much in love with my dogs. They literally fill my entire instagram and tumblr feed.... anddd pretty much every other social media outlet that I am on as well.

There's JJ, my first born, who stays with his grandparents in Oklahoma! He's by far one of the best parts about going home :)  

Then there's Jackson! Once I realized JJ didn't like college life too much, I decided I needed ((yes needed)) another furry best friend to have with me. Best decision ever. He brings so much love and happiness into my world!

How typical, right? Single girl and her dog(s).

Anyway, not too long ago a friend that used to live in Fayetteville text me to say hello! It'd been ages since I'd heard from him so, I was stoked to catchup and hear how he was doing. During the middle of our conversation he openly (and boldly) confessed to have had a crush on me back when he lived here a few years ago.

WHAT?! News to me.

I asked him why he never spoke up and told him that he should have... I mean ya never know, right?
Then this happened.
--No, his name isn't really sparky. Yes, it's an annoying name I call people sometimes.


Of course I couldn't stop laughing, because I mean he's right! Jackson does get all my loving.

And ya know, I'm OK with that! I firmly believe when the right "one" comes along, both me and my puppies will have no problem sharing the love.

Until then, I think I will stick to laughing at my own stereotype and jamming out to this good ol' Carrie Underwood hit! It probably should be my new ringtone.



  1. hahaha hilarious :D I hope you find Mr.Right soon ;) xxx

    Sneak peek into my life

  2. We should talk about why you call people Sparky....


  3. yes, you and your puppies will be able to share all the loving. BUT, that is a wonderful song :)

    only I don't own doggies :( not yet anyways.

  4. Um, so that song was written with you in mind then, right?