Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Look How Long This One Is

I found it first when I was a junior in college. I was 20 years old, dealing with a broken heart and I couldn’t believe I was old enough, definitely not mature enough, for what I had just seen. 

A gray hair. On my head.

I have always been a worrisome child and that anxiety has followed its way intomy adult life. So it actually is strange that I didn’t find any grays sooner... ya know because of the rumored gray hair myth. Stress = Grays. And also Uncle Jessie’s (from Full House) saying, if you pluck a gray hair, 2 will grow back in its place. I semi believe this.

I have colored my hair since I was in high school so I technically have always been fighting this cause. Sometimes it’s a Wal-Mart box style dye, and when I’m feeling fancy (aka my mom treats me) I get it professionally colored. But currently, our finances are not allowing the luxury option, and my grays are out of control.

In my defense I do have dark hair, so they show up more. I’m sure you blondes out there have tons of them too, so ha!

As much as I hate them, I love them. It’s a game I play when I’m getting ready. The hunt. Mostly my grays hang out underneath so no one really sees unless I point them out. Which I do. Because they are awesome.  It’s amazing how fast they grow I’m always yelling at my husband “LOOK HOW LONG THIS ONE IS” Which I guess if someone just heard me yell that would be odd...

Am I the only one who is a 20 something female with this problem? Are the little gray monsters only finding me?

weekend I will be saying bye to my annoying grays and training my husband to box dye my hair.


  1. i've got the grays. lots of them! and if they do in fact tell a story, well, i've got a novel written! i box dye my hair too, but sometimes, i go au'natural.

    1. I bet our grays actually talk to each other when we are all together.....

  2. I'm pretty sure I have some, but not really noticeable for my dark hair. They're in weird spots. But I've been dying my hair a lot since last August. And girl, let me tell ya, it's almost easier to teach yourself how to box dye your hair. I had a neighbor AND my mom try to dye it within a week of each other, and they BOTH missed some of the same spots. This time I did it myself and didn't miss any. Partly because I'm anal-retentive.

    And now this comment is forever long, apologies

    1. I should try and do it myself,because whenever someone else (non professional) is doing it I always point out spots that need more dye.....!! Brilliant idea!! And never apologize for a long comment, I believe novel comments are actually pretty awesome. So thank you for your long novel!

  3. My grays got out of hand while I was in China. There were so many more!! Did that happen to you, too?!