Thursday, July 19, 2012

Single Girl Swag: Introduction

OK, so I don’t really care for the word swag. I find it to be humorous actually. So when I say it, I’m not being serious. Also, I felt like #SingleGirlProbs was just soooo dramatic. 

And typical. 

So, that’s why we're going with Swag; because it’s funny....

and Singlehood is really funny.  

We all read the same posts about being “single”. 
They typically each fall under the umbrella of:
  • Independent women striving to find their identity
  • I’m doomed to walk this earth alone
  • Embrace where you’re at in life
  • The right one will come
  • I’m just going to be a lesbian

Either way, my documentation shall be none of those. I don't think anyway?
Instead, we’re just going to acknowledge the dare I say, ridiculous side of trying to figure out this little thing called love, singlism, and finding the beauty and humor of it all. 
Because let’s be honest, it’s pretty freaking hilarious.

So here’s to the blind dates, the attempts at matchmaking, the dreaded 'what do I say now' when on a date, the flying solo to events, the awkward 'so, are you dating anyone' question, the embarrassing daydreaming of cuddling and becoming F.B.O, the humiliating attempts at flirting, and all that “stuff”.

Let the learning and the laughter begin. 



  1. I personally look forward to these single posts. Preachhhhh

    1. how we have yet to meet in real life is beyond me. i adore you!

  2. I thought you and John Paul would make the CUTEST couple when I saw ya'll sitting by each other at church a couple of weeks ago! :)

    1. Thank you Shelly! You are so sweet :) This made my day. He's such a cutie huh?! If he just didn't live so far away!

  3. Love your perspective!! I wish I would have had a sense of humor in my single days. I was such a mess!