Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Survival Tips

I compiled a small list of things you might definitely need to survive on a camping trip: 

hammock - always.
a book, any book - when all those non-inside kind of people get together and do outdoorsy-type of things.
snacks - food always tastes better while you're camping, I don't understand why, it's just a fact.
warm socks - your friend's/partner/spouse will get annoyed at you for always asking to borrow theirs.
camera - it takes the focus off of you for not doing things, "oh, but I'm the one taking photos for the trip, go on without me!".  Works every time.
mascara & chapstick - yes, I'm serious.  After 3 days of no-showering, these 2 little items will keep you sane.
map & ID - if for some reason you want to venture out on your own.  (but why not stay at camp and read a book?!)

Happy Trails!


  1. You're missing toilet paper... unless you like to use leaves, in that case, you are hardcore!

    1. See, toilet paper is on Ryan's list of survival items, so I just steal his.

  2. mascara. YES. definitely mascara.
    (It would totally be in my top 3 items to take if I were to be on Survivor!)

    1. I totally agree, it makes such a big difference!

  3. haha I would surly bring hand sanitizer at any cost :) xx

    Sneak peek into my life

  4. it's been a long since I've gone camping. I would love to go on a camping trip soon though!