Thursday, August 30, 2012

Book Bag.

Warning. This is another post about books. I've been writing a lot about reading... what's happening to me!?

I've never been the type of girl that can carry a tiny purse as her main purse. Okay, maybe in junior high when all I had to carry around was a tampon, but since I was able to date, drive, and have a cell phone big bags have been my staple. Of course I have many (my husband would say hundreds) of different sized bags in a range of colors. I love my small clutches and over the shoulder ones for a concert, or night on the town when I need to be hands free... for dancing of course. But the big satchels and hobos are my comfort. I love being able to be prepared for anything and everything. bandaids? multiple writing utensils? coverup? lens cloths? endless amounts of bobby pins that fall to the bottom? I've got it all. Besides all of the random junk I always have a cardigan and if not one, then two cameras in my Marry Poppins bag. It's a must.

Since I found my new love of reading I now always have a book in my bag. You never know when you are going to get stuck at the post office or traffic (as the passenger, come on now, I don't read and drive). The other day I was having issues with a certain postal company and I had to go search for a package. Once I got there I reached into my bag to pull out my book and it wasn't there. Noo! I took it out of my bag not 30 minutes before I needed it. And of course, I had to wait for a solid 45 minutes until they could find my box. I can only search around on Instagram, Twitter, and "with friends" games for so long. I wanted my book. I needed my book.

I learned my lesson. Never take the book out of the bag. And I am not a patient person.

Have you ever been stuck somewhere and needed your book?


  1. ugh, yes. i was waiting for a friend to come home (i'm always early to everything) and thought i would park and read my kindle until she arrived. i checked, and had that "nooooo" moment, where i realized i left it at home. i sat on the curb, throwing rocks, looking so down and out. by the looks i received, people probably felt sorry for me. i sure did.

  2. my kindle fits in my small, medium and large purse! it saves my life...i learned my lesson the very, very hard way by being at the dmv...yeah. that sucked.