Monday, August 13, 2012

She's just being Miley...

I actually had a whole different hair post planned. But, this just cannot go without discussion.

I'm sure by now you've all heard or seen something about Miley Cyrus's hair transformation last night. "mileyshair" is trending on twitter and fans are going bananas. For the time being, I'm keeping my opinions to myself.

BUT, I'm dying to hear your guys' thoughts. I've heard a whole different realm of reactions and it's do fascinating to me :) So... What do you guys think?!

PS... Anyone else notice she's not wearing her engagement ring in some of the pics?! I can't find anything about Liam's reaction! If ya find something, holla atcha girl.


  1. I...actually think it totally suits her! She's got the face and the personality for it, and I think she looks kind of...great.

    I can't believe I said any of that.

  2. I need to stop moving so I can know what is going on in the world. OMG. This is the first I have seen this!! Ahh. Her hair was so cute when she did the short bob thing, this is crazy. Although I do agree with Val... it does kind of suit her.

    I hope Liam dumped her after this.

  3. Sorry guys, not. a. fan. Yikes! What was she thinking?!? I think it looks terrible!!! I think it's a cry for attention... like when Brit shaved her head. I guess more power to her for feeling "more herself than ever" but eeewwwwww. Think I was honest enough?! Sheesh! Sorry Miley!

  4. It looks terrible on her. Let's be honest. But, as a girl who secretly (not so) wishes that being bald / super-short-haired would become more of a trend so I could buzz my head and start over by taking care of my thin curls, I am so glad she did it.

    Because, I simply don't have the guts to do whatever the H@#@U&%O I want.

    So, go Miley...

  5. gutsy. Don't know if I think it looks great on her or not, but definitely gutsy to go from flowing, luscious hair to croppy short almost no hair.