Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Olympics can be really funny!

In honor of the Olympics I thought I would share a few funny Olympic related things circling the web, 

I'm sure that most people by now have seen this clip, but who cares, it makes me laugh every time.
Here is USA gymnast Aly Raisman's parents watching her as she does her uneven bar routine.

Come on Aly!

Diving, especially synchronized diving, has become one of my favorites to watch. And thanks to for putting together some amazing diving faces. Click HERE for more constipated looks.

And I'm sure that we all saw USA bring home the gold in the gymnastic finals and it couldn't have been done without Jordyn Wieber. But what is strange and funny is how people are talking about her older brother Ryan.

This article HERE is loving him. Who cares about the Olympian sister, the interweb is buzzing about this kid. But really, click the link. It's funny. 
Are you a Wieliebers?
Sam, he might be single.....

I'm so glad we still have days and days of the Olympics left to find more things to make fun of all while cheering for our great country, TEAM USA!