Friday, August 31, 2012

Favorite Stuff: August

We liked stuff this month!  
And hope to like stuff every month and share it with all of you!

I love to waste time online.  I just do.  Comics, silly Tumblrs, and cute baby animals photos takes up most of my extra browsing time, however a few weeks ago I found something new.  Draw a stickman!  Go play, it's really fun.

I lived in Australia from the beginning of February 2011 until the end of June 2011. It was pretty much the greatest time of my life and I would give anything to go back. Fast forward to the beginning of August 2012 and I stumble upon a random show, suggested by Netflix (owe ya one Netty). Long story short, that show was DANCE ACADEMY. Some might remember Val mentioning it already. She originally told me months ago that she'd started watching an Australian show and it made her think of me. I really do talk about it annoyingly often... Anyway, I was looking for a new show to start and after flipping through the descriptions, I decided to give this one a go.  Let me also add that I know NOTHING about dance. I've never watched one episode of any other dance shows so I was pretty nonchalant about trying this one. The hook for me was the Australia location, obviously. However, HOLY LIFE CHANGING!!!!!!! It's cheesy, ridiculous, and pretty much the greatest thing since Downton Abbey and Friday Night Lights, COMBINED. I cried through the first half of season 1 because it made me miss Oz so, so, so much; not sure if it was the accents, the set being right in mix of Darling Harbor (a place I was at nonstop throughout those 5 1/2 months) or if it was the fact that one of the main characters is my Aussie roommate/best friend's doppelganger... either way, it is so incredibly worth your watching. When clicking the play button, I assumed nothing but got everything.

**Warning:  Below video is mildly inappropriate, but also hilarious, so...

One of my favorite websites, Forever Young Adult, put up this Honest Trailer earlier this month, and I was so happy to learn after going to the YouTube Channel, that there are a whole BUNCH of Honest Trailers to watch!  Titanic, The Dark Knight, Twilight, Avatar!  On and on!  The concept is that they are movie previews that tell the truth about what you're actually going to see during that movie.  And basically, they all contain my exact thoughts about each movie verbalized through an amazing announcer's voice.  I'm not even exaggerating when I say these are some of the funniest videos I have ever seen in the history of the internet.  Go watch the rest!

I know Big Brother started in July and don't get me wrong, I was into it in July too, but the past couple of weeks in the BB house has been SO crazy. I'm sure Kendra will agree, this season is amazing. I've been watching for a couple of summers now and this is normal for me to get really into it when the number of house guest start to get smaller. For those that do not watch it is full of back stabbing, bromances, liars, cheaters, and cute fashion choices from my personal favorite Britney, 3 nights a week! I'm so close to submitting my application. I really think I have a strategy to win. With only a few weeks left, you could still get into it...

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