Friday, August 24, 2012

Confession Session: What Makes Us Feel Confident.

Two interlocking hearts; 
one with the American flag inside it, 
the other with the Australian flag inside it. 
Those two things are permanently engraved on my skin for the rest of my life... and I couldn't be happier about it. Those are the two tattoos I have on my body and every single time I see them I smile. I know everyone says, "what about when you're older?" I understand that mentality, however I just don't see those things being more important than the arthritis, the grey hair, the daytime television... you get the idea. These markings are constant reminders of some of the most rewarding, enjoyable and even trying times in my life. I am filled with joy every single time I am reminded of those periods in my life. Also, as a Christian, especially a Christian born and raised in the "bible belt," tattoos can be rather controversial. Instead of going there, I will just let Pastor Craig do the honors. He says it better than I ever could!

So, there's this mini skirt.   

It's black and white striped, sits just above the knees, and fits snug as a bug.  It's quite unlike my style, and I just bought it on a whim last year.  But I realized when I  wear it, I seem to stand a little straighter, walk with a bit of sass, and smile just a little bigger.  Honestly, I don't know what it is about that skirt, but it always guarantees a fun night with my girlfriends!  If only that skirt could talk... I bet it feels pretty confident too. 


I'm going to be that crazy girl that says that my boobs make me feel confident. But before you all give me that 'what a skank' look, let me explain. I have the chest of an 8 year old boy. Race cars could drive down it, it makes Kansas look like Colorado. You with me? I have zero boobs. And it's cool. I'm cool with it, always have been. I was always the one to flash my girlfriends in the sorority house (yes that does happen), never embarrassed to be seen without a bra on. Shoot, I don't even have to wear a bra half the time! I'm confident with them. They make me feel unique and special, they add to my youthfulness. But as much as I love them I always thought that no guy would ever love my little baby tities. Guys love boobs, and mine are the smallest size bra you can buy at Victoria Secret. I didn't think someone would want to be married to a tiny chested woman. But I was wrong. The one God made for me loves me exactly how I am. My husband loves them. Him loving them makes me even more confident to rock my baby boobs. 

My senior year of high school, I got some fake glasses.  This was waaaaay back in 2003, before wearing fake glasses was the hipster thing to do.  I got them because I had always always always wanted glasses (ever since my older sister got some when I was 6, and I tried on this pair of pink glasses that had butterflies attached to them at the optometrist and was beyond devastated that I couldn't have them).  Turned out, when I wore my fakies, I instantly (felt like I) looked intelligent.  I wore fake glasses to every single exam and final I took in college.  Every one.  And I passed them all.  Then I got older and realized that I actually couldn't see.  Joy of joys, I needed REAL GLASSES!  So now, I have real glasses with prescriptions, and they make me feel more confident, too.  I feel more confident in the practical matters, like now being able to recognize people's faces from more than 10 feet away and read street signs while driving, but also glasses make me feel smart and powerful, and even kinda sassy, in a sort of naughty librarian way, which is a great way to go through my day!


  1. Love this post! Especially the part about Kansas looking like Colorado. LOVE.

  2. Sam, I still want to see the two interlocking hearts! I know what it's for...I know Australia will ALWAYS hold a special place in your heart, and that you left a small part of your heart there. But I agree...I don't even care what they'll look like when I'm old. I will always love them. :)

    Kendra, it's funny how some of the smallest things can add that extra boost. I love that a skirt does that for you!!

    Heidi, I don't judge you. That's actually a pretty powerful little paragraph. God does know what He's doing :)

    Val,love. There are some frames that definitely make me feel more sassy than others.

    Ladies, all these things about confidence boosters make me wonder what it is I have that does it for me, probably something I'm not fully aware of. But great post!