Thursday, October 25, 2012

Diesel: Girls Allowed

Did you guys know that the brand Diesel, which is typically known for it's hard core swanky boy watches, has both unisex watch line AND a female watch line too?!

Now, when I say unisex, I don't just mean they're all feminine watches with a smidgen bigger face than the other brands. I'm mean these watches literally swing both ways if ya know what I'm sayin...
I have the titanium one!

I wear it on the reg and get compliments on it nearly every time I wear it from both genders!
I lurrrrv it :)

Well, my birthday was last week and a friend sent me a surprise birthday gift in the mail!
What could it be??

Behold, my second Diesel watch! This one is definitely from the female line and I pretty much have fallen in love all over again!

Isn't she a beaut :) 

What are your guys thoughts on big watches for women?! 
Like them? Hate them? Never seen them? Too manly? Too butch? Too hot to handle?
Please feel free to write your true thoughts! 

I'm down to hear some opposite sides of the spectrum too because these bad boys are, in fact, pretty intense for the female wrist and I enjoy hearing all the different perceptions on them. That's what makes personal style so much fun; all the uniqueness :)

Happy Thursday!


  1. I've actually never worn a watch in my life, so all of them scare me, but I reeeeeally love the brown one with the chain!

  2. I wear my big gold boyfriend Fossil watch everyday and it's my favorite.

    Go big or go home!