Friday, October 5, 2012

Music Stuff: Favorite Movie Soundtrack

So, my favorite soundtrack doesn't fall under just one movie, but a series of movies... THE TWILIGHT SERIES THAT IS. I can't even pretend to be ashamed because these soundtracks are just that good! I know, I know... but really guys, before you stop reading, give these bad boys a go.  I truly can't decide which one I love more out of the 4 options. It all depends on the day and what kind of a mood I'm in, but for the sake of the post I will say that New Moon was my favorite. I genuinely listen to every song on the album! Not just a select few :) I'm glad my love for the soundtracks hasn't faded at all, which I sadly cannot say about the books or movies.


I debated picking one of my favorite artsy/indie movie soundtracks but then I decided I wasn't being honest with myself or with you all.  So here it goes, High School Musical, 1, 2, and 3. I love them all. Does it count that it's a musical and the first movie wasn't even on the big screen? Whatever, HSM is by far the best soundtrack out there. Is it possible to not start dancing around your room every time you hear any of their greatest hits? I couldn't pick my favorite song but "Can I Have This Dance" really brings it home for me, I posted the extended scene so you can relive the love for yourself.

Remember that obsession with Zach Braff that I mentioned awhile back?  Well, it mostly stemmed from this movie, Garden State, and the fact that he picked out all of the music himself was a cherry on top.  Seriously, love this guy (though now that I follow him on Facebook, I find he cusses a whole bunch and is mildly inappropriate, but I try not to think about that).  Above is my favorite song from the soundtrack, Let Go by Imogen Heap (also known as Frou Frou).  Enjoy!
Love Actually, if not my true favorite movie, is at the very least the movie I have watched the most times.  Probably upwards of 20.  It's just complete and total perfection.  And the soundtrack totally is too!  It starts with a Kelly Clarkson song and ends with Christmas music <-- #winning.  The clip above is a perfect showcase of two of the other songs on the soundtrack as well.  First is the instrumental one, which is called "Love Actually Theme" on the soundtrack, and it will make you feel all the feelings.  Then when he walks outside, and Dido's "Here with Me" starts playing, and he zips up his sweater at the exact moment that the music gets epic...IT SLAYS ME.


  1. Val - that's my favorite part(!) of Love Actually. Like, I rewind over and over to watch him walk down that street to Dido playing in the background. Epic.

  2. I'm not going to lie, I love all of these. Not ashamed.