Thursday, October 4, 2012

Leggings 101

Today we are talking about leggings. During the fall/winter/ months I live in my leggings. It's part of the reason fall is the best. Especially those crazy colored and patterned leggings.
Okay, maybe not that crazy.

But this season I'm in a rut. A legging rut. I've talked to a few of my friends and they are also in the same rut! So here is where I come to you blogosphere.

My normal go-to leggings are the basic Target leggings, cheap and I can wear them and not sweat. But they aren't perfect. I'm searching for the perfect pair. All of the leggings I have found have been too thin and you see your panties right through them, which means you have to wear a long enough shirt so you don't look like a hoochie. Also, I can't justify spending a ton of money on leggings.

Has anyone found the perfect pair of basic black leggings? If so, where are you finding these hidden jewels? Share your secrets with me internet world! My undies should be reserved for home, not seen out in public.


  1. I bought 2 pair of leggins from H&M that lasted me for years. I'm not sure if they are "the" leggings, but they are the closest thing to greatness I have found yet.

  2. I found some at JC Penny's! (which I never shop there, but I accidentally fell in the pouring rain on Saturday and needed to immediately change from my soaking wet leggings.) I originally bought the Betsyville brand ones for $15, but returned them because they weren't ankle length and while there I found the JCP brand ones for just $10. I've only worn them once, but I was VERY pleased :)
    Also- last year I picked up some Banana Republic ones on super sale and they're by far the best pair I have... but, too expensive.