Tuesday, October 2, 2012

this love is ours

I instantly thought of Australia when I saw this and immediately sent it to all my friends from the land down under. I haven't seen them actually in person for over a year now. That is just crazy to me! How can they be such a huge part of my life, hold such a huge part of my heart, and yet I haven't actually seen them in the flesh for so long?

It's truly amazing what our hearts are capable of feeling.   

I can never go back to that time no matter how hard I try. Things will continue to change and life will always go on and move forward. However, they will always have that part of my life; that part that no one else can really understand, that part that nothing else can touch. Not even time itself. Like a secret shared or an inside joke that would only make sense to us. They may never get to experience any other points of time in my life and same for me with theirs... but, that time, those five and half months, those memories, those cherished experiences, will forever be ours. 

What did you think of when you read this quote? Is there a place, a face, a point in time you were taken back to? I would love to hear your stories. 

Happy Tuesday you beautiful people.


  1. I felt this quote right after I graduated OSU and left Stillwater. It's like I knew, deep down, that grown up life just wouldn't be the same.

  2. Love this quote. I think of 2 very different places at the same time. First, China. My year spent in China is one of my greatest accomplishments and I miss it every single day. And second, I think of Stillwater. I moved here when I was 5, went to college here and only moved away because I felt I needed to. But now, it's the only place I ever truly want to be. My family is here, my comfort is here. Every time I come back (which is a lot) I can't help but have a strange feeling. Like this is where I'm supposed to be, but I know I won't be here.

    But at least I can come home and spend time with my parents and sleep at their house and for a few days it feels like it's supposed to.