Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Where To?

Chicago, DC, St. Louis, Disney World, Mount Rushmore, Seattle
My parents did a wonderful job making sure the travel bug bit me, and bit me hard.  Ever since I can remember, we took a family vacation every year.  And it was always a big one:  at least a week long, to a different state, taking being tourists to an entirely new level (our family trip itineraries are a sight to behold).  We've been to the East Coast and the West Coast.  I've put my feet in both the oceans.  We've seen historical sites and national parks and ridden a million roller coasters.  We've traveled by car, plane, train (for real - an overnight one to Chicago), go-cart, alpine slide, subway, and tram.  I've been to over 30 states, and I have my parents to thank for that.

Not only are those trips some of the greatest memories of my life, they've also made me appreciate so much that my parents made traveling a priority.  We never missed a vacation for 18 years straight.

Next year will be for the first time ever in life that neither Scott and I will be in school (which is kinda weird to think about!), and I would love to start doing the very same thing:  put aside a fixed amount of money every month, all year long, so that every year when vacation time comes around, you can go without a second thought!

I've got about 20 states to go before I've hit all 50 (Hawaii and Alaska, you elusive things!), so I would love to hit up some of those...along with about a million places overseas.  If you could leave for a vacation tomorrow, where would you go?

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  1. I love having the travel bug. for real. but if I could leave tomorrow? that's tough. somewhere with pretty scenery....Vermont maybe?