Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A wise man once said...


My husband and I went out to dinner a few weeks ago for pho. It was a nice place, but the tables were still close together so you felt like you were eating family style. If you have ever had pho you know that it is not the easiest meal to eat while trying to be polite. While we were waiting for our food a table of 4 sat down next to us, 2 older couples. We couldn't help but overhear parts of their conversation. They mentioned their jobs, kids, and traveling. While they were eating their pho the conversation went like this:

55-ish year old lady- "This would be a difficult meal to eat for a first date."
60-ish year old lady- "It would be hard to get a second date."
Me, being the creep that I am chimed in with - "I couldn't help but overhear.... he took me for pho on our first date and I married him (wink wink smile)"

That opened the table up for full communication. They asked us questions, what did we do, where do we come from, how long have we been married, where are we going after it's all over, the usual questions we get. The 60-ish year old's husband was sitting next to me, he was 80, and he started telling us about his life. He was a scientist, criminal expert witness, he just retired because his wife made him. But he kept telling us one thing...

"Stay best friends, no matter what, stay best friends."

With our current lifestyle, I talk to more strangers than I do people I actually know. But those strangers sometimes say one little thing to you that means a lot. The crazy scientist reminded me of my Grammie. If you follow my personal blog then you know how we lost her suddenly just over a year ago. She was married to my Papa for over 60 years. She gave us all a lot of advice, mostly about sex (she was awesome) but her famous words of advice were:

"Don't go to bed mad, stay up and fight."

And this old man said the same thing when we were about to leave.

Old people are so wise, it's about time we started listening to them. 

What is the best advice you ever received from an elder? 


  1. I mean.. I'm not married but I think this is some pretty awesome advice:

    "when you walk through the door, stop whatever you're doing and go to your spouse; acknowledge them, kiss them, hug them, no matter how good or bad either persons day has been."

    "keep the sex spicey and keep the bed sacred."

    "let your relationship with that person and your love for them mean more than your pride."

    go you guys and go those awesome couples!

  2. This isn't advice, exactly, but my grandmother always signs off every e-mail or card to us with "Life is good." It's a really good reminder!