Monday, September 10, 2012

Sorry Dan Humphrey.

I had an entirely different post ready to go for this morning.

But surprising celebrity news is way more important.

Congrats are in order!

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds tied the knot this weekend in South Carolina.

I honestly haven't been able to keep up with her boyfriends since she and the real Dan Humphrey split so I had no idea R squared was a serious contender. But ooooh hottness.

Here's to hoping these two hot celebrities make it last. I want to see their perfectly beautiful children with their stylish baby wardrobe someday.


*photo from and every other website.


  1. whoa, what?! i mean, congrats bridget (sisterhood of the traveling pants, anyone?), but please stay together... at least to have pretty babies.

    1. I guess I should also be saying "sorry" to hot soccer coach way older than her.

  2. I just wanna know how Scarlett feels?!

  3. A. Best title ever! Also, I had no idea that she had a serious relationship with Leo Dicaprio? Totally missed that one. B. I also want to know Scarlett's reaction! C. They better pop out some pretty babies asap!