Friday, September 7, 2012

Music Stuff: Favorite Football Songs

In honor of college football kicking off last weekend, we are sharing our favorite songs that remind us of game days!  Cheering from the student section, tailgating, homecoming...yay!

This song is obnoxious and annoying, but it always transports me back to college. Specifically, Oklahoma State University Homecoming freshman year 2008. In the sorority house we were required to give our life to OSU Homecoming and "pomp" thousands of tissue paper into chicken wire to create giant house decorations.  There is a break in the song when they aren't saying "woah" and we used to yell "POMP POMP POMP". This song reminds me of football, homecoming and my friends. As annoying as it is, I love it every time.

Playing sports my whole life, I'm all about the sport songs. Especially during football season! There's just nothing better than a song that not only gets the team going but the crowd going too.While the other 3 gals are OSU alums, I'm a proud super senior at the University of Arkansas! During my 5 years here, our football seasons have gone from one extreme to the other. Losing Darren McFadden in 2008 was a big hit to our lineup when I started my freshmen year, but look at us now; #8 in the nation baby! First time in 25 years we started the season in the top 10. It's a great feeling! Since this song debuted, our student section has never failed to go all out during the games. This video is pretty tame because it's pregame warmup, but seriously... Can you please just imagine the rush it is to do this during a close game vs. our rival LSU?! Holy chills.


I'm going with "Crazy Train" by Ozzy Osbourne on this one. While I was in college at Oklahoma State, this song was part of the football intro video before games started.  It's sort of terrifying in its real version, but if you make the marching band play it, instead it becomes inspiring and energizing!  Plus, I'm so glad I found this version on YouTube, because it's our Cowboy Marching Band from 2005, which means my sister is playing piccolo on it!

"I've never been to heaven, but I've been to Oklahoma" by Hanson(!) - a cover, but why not?

I didn't choose a big pump-you-up song, but this one is pretty special because Oklahoma holds a dear place in my heart. And when they played this song at some point during an OSU football game, it always made me smile real big.  Still does!  And aren't the Hanson boys cutie-pa-tooties? 


  1. I don't know why my videos are always wider than the rest! I do it on the smallest option. What's wrong with me?!

    No but really, good job team.

  2. Love that 3 of the 4 are Oklahoma related. Makes my heart happy! Go Pokes :)

  3. Sometimes I forget how much I love grown-up Hanson. Also: Cain's!