Thursday, September 20, 2012

This is a story of a car.

From the time I turned 16 until after I graduated college I drove the same car. A 1996 Honda Accord with no power windows or locks. I thought I was deprived because I had to reach and open the door for my passengers. #firstworldproblems

After I had a real paycheck I decided it was time to get a new [to me] car. It was the winter after I graduated college. My dad and I test drove and searched for the perfect car. I kept saying I wanted a SUV. I wanted a change. Go big or go home. We randomly found a 2006 Volvo SUV at our local dealer that was in my price range and had low mileage. We impulsively went for it, and my car payments began. 

I never really knew why we went with that car. It wasn't perfect. It didn't speak to me. And I didn't technically "need" a new car, I just wanted one and thought having a big kid job meant it was time. 

Honestly, it wasn't until our last move (Denver to Philadelphia) that I realized what it was all about. God knew long before I did why I purchased that one. Because my husband and I pack our cars full of what we need and drive across the country every three months. I joke about not wanting to sacrifice my wardrobe, and I don't have to.

My point is to this random story is that He has it all figured out, even something as silly as buying a car. So why do we try and figure it all out on our own even though we know that He is going to take care of us and has a reason for it all. He promises to, and He keeps His promises.

photo taken on the back of Marcy (that's her car name) while we were dating summer 2009.


  1. I love this so much! Being at such a fragile point in life; graduation, what am I supposed to do with my life, what if i'm not good enough for grad schools, I will amount to nothing in life... All that has me constantly saying this verse over and over and praying for the strength and faith to believe it.

    Go God, go you, and go that adorable SUV that I want to steal.

  2. God really does have it all figured out, doesn't He? I know we are suppose to just know this and accept this, but I love the subtle reminders that HE is going to take care of us.

    Love this post, Heidi :)

  3. You are truly blessed, Heidi. :) One thing is that you are financially able to buy a good SUV. Another is that the SUV you got had low mileage which means that it will last a long time, provided that you take good care of it. And lastly, well, the move! Having the SUV made it a lot easier. I’m sure that you’ll have more adventures with this car and I’m excited for you!