Wednesday, September 19, 2012

But should I fall...

This song gives me chills from the tip of head to the very end of my toes. I first started listening to it while I was running earlier last week. I had bought it on iTunes the night before and started listening the next morning during my workout. As I hit replay over and over, it brought up so many emotions and moments in time I wish I could go back and change.

Then, I realized just how free from it all I really am, how much my God loves me and needs me to let go of so much pain and so much regret so He can heal what I cannot seem to keep from breaking; heal like only He can.

Lecrae describes his own life in the music business in this song, but I feel like if you read between the lines, so much of it pertains to our daily lives of expectations, social media influences, pressure for perfection, the desire for always having to be a certain way, when in reality we place all our efforts into things of this world that will always fail and always crumble and ultimately always hurt us, no matter how hard we try.

How beautiful it is, to truly be free from it all.

But should I fall
I’m still free from it all

Round of applause, I pause to take a photo op
None of it’s real; it's just Photoshopped
Crop out my flaws then my failures, my aches and all my ailments
Now I'm picture perfect, take all my dirt and conceal it
Really, I no better than any
But they pay me a pretty penny to sit and look pretty
Not to big, not skinny, be whatever these fans demand of me
‘Cause otherwise they probably wouldn't love me
The show goes on even after the curtains close
I smile and pose, put my signature on they clothes
They lift me up so high that I'm surely about to fall
The higher that I go the more unforgivin’ they are
No grace and no exceptions, all they want is perfection
The man in the mirror can't even see his reflection

You live for their acceptance, you die from their rejection
But even if I fall, I fell in the right direction

Cameras flash, the curtains call, the credits roll down the screen
Critics laugh, they hate us all as they applaud
But should I fall
I’m still free from it all

Life is a cage, a prison of everyone's approval
Fight for acceptance and struggle so you don't ever lose it
But livin’ for their acceptance has got us stressing
Insecure people obsessed with leaving impressions

Ladies spending time on their faces painting pretty lines
To you and me its make-up, but to her, it’s a disguise
You look her in her eyes and see her soul cry
‘Cause living for other people’s got her living a lie
Hadn’t slept in day, close his eyes and he pray
Someone would miss him if he fell like a star out of space
But I'm sure they'll replace him, just a name and a face
They say they love you, but it's easy to fall from their graces
Live for everyone else gotcha losin’ yourself

Why be slave when made to be free from the guilt?
To be free from the shame, you are more than a name
If you go down you got the freedom to get up again

Every moment is passing; just let ‘em go
In fifty years, man, who cares? We’ll be super old
Many winners will lose, many heroes will fall
And if that’s me I’m still (free from it all)

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