Monday, September 17, 2012

Survival Tips - part 2

If you want to get out and attempt that "outdoorsy" thing people keep talking about,  I compiled a small list of things you might definitely need to have on a cruiser ride: 

music -  it takes your mind off the fact that you're pedaling heavy bikes up many, many hills.
friends - biking is way more fun when you travel with a pack of people.  also, you won't look so silly be-bopping along to the music by yourself. 
bicycle bell - when there is a pause in the music, you ring your bell (or squeak in my case).  and then everyone else rings their bell.  if you have a fun bell, you can gain friends (necessity #2).   until you soon have a musical medley before the next real song begins.  then you stop bell ringing. this is important information to know.
camera - for capturing videos to prove to people (and yourself) that riding bikes on a Friday night is fun and not lame!
comfortable shoes - not hip shoes, comfortable shoes.   well, unless your shoes are comfortable and hip, then I'd say you've got this thing in the bag.
a book, any book - just in case. right?

Happy Trails!

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