Friday, September 28, 2012

Favorite Stuff: September

September really flew by, didn't she?!  Another month gone, another list of our favorites!

I'm not a big lipstick girl. In fact, the only things I wear on my lips is Carmex and maybe lip gloss, usually in a non-color. But the wedding I just flew to Oklahoma for the bride gave us lip gloss along with other goodies. This Bobbi Brown Popsicle 3 gloss is a real crowd pleaser. It looks great on any lip, stays on and is very moisturizing. It also looks like it's going to be bright, but it's not at all, it's just shiny and even looks great over an actual lipstick color. Yo go Bobbi, you go!

A friend sent this video to me, I watched, and then immediately starting doing the horse-like dance.  Now, I try to bust it out every where I go: side of the street, my husband's triathlon, at work.  And in the last few weeks 'gangnam style' has totally blown up in the internet world, and on Ellen!  Which means immediate success, right?  Watch, it's fun and ridiculous. 

Sam's September Favs: 
Future Husband's GQ debut!   
(Yes, I bought it) 
My baby boy's 3rd birthday! 

I love it any time an awards show comes around and all the pretty dresses come out to play!  These 5 above were my favorite from the Emmys (apparently I'm into the primary colors?).  As you can tell, the super-glamorous, blinged-out dresses are not my cup of tea - my favorites are always the ones I could actually see myself wearing (should the occasion ever arise where I get to attend a red carpet event, that is!).  And I had to be sure to throw my girl Mayim Bialik in the mix for two reasons:  first of all, that shade of red is banging; second of all, I'm pretty sure that from a distance, she and I could be twins, so if I squint my eyes a little, that's what I would like if I were at the Emmys!  ...right?

Check out our August favorites here!


  1. Kendra, that video might be the greatest thing I've ever seen.

  2. we can't leave our apartment without hearing that song. not kidding. my nephew started singing it the other day, and my inlaws chimed in without even thinking. after a few rounds they changed it to "heaven style". ha!