Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Speaking of Fall (TV)

While we're on the topic of all things fall, like birthdays, boots, warm drinks, and beautiful views, I'm just as excited for Fall TV!

As much as I loved the entertainment this summer, mostly Bachelor Pad and Big Brother, I'm pretty pumped for what's to come on my screen this fall.  Here are a few shows, some returning, some new, that I'm looking forward to this season...
So. Many. Good. Ones.

I might be most excited about MTV's Challenge - Battle of the Seasons because 1. a bunch of crazies trapped in one house never dissapoints, let's be real and 2. the battle of the seasons concepts might be pretty epic; people are quite proud of where they came "from".  Man, I sure love me some reality TV.

What are you planning to watch this fall?? 


  1. Loved this collage!

    I doubt I actually get to watch all these... but in a perfect world, I would be watching.

    Mindy Project
    Vampire Diaries
    PLL (Halloween Special)

    And lots and lots of Football.

  2. Oh and modern family. Of course.

  3. ...annnnnnd Hart of Dixie.

    Ok, I'll stop now.